Italians Block Ship

Carrying Refugees

ROME -- Italian coast guard vessels on Sunday blocked a ship carrying 36 Sudanese refugees as it tried to dock in Sicily after sailing the Mediterranean for three weeks searching for a port of refuge.

The captain of the Cap Anamur had called for help, saying the refugees were threatening to jump overboard, Italian television reported. Ambulances stood by at the dock as the ship floated about 500 yards offshore.

The ship is operated by a German aid group that said it came across a rubber dinghy on June 20 containing 36 Sudanese -- many reportedly fleeing a humanitarian crisis in the western province of Darfur.

Police and coast guard craft had escorted the ship toward port, but coast guard and police boats prevented the ship from docking.


* SREBRENICA, Bosnia -- Commemorating Europe's worst massacre since World War II, more than 20,000 people gathered to rebury the remains of some of the more than 7,000 Muslim men and boys killed by Bosnian Serbs nine years ago. The ceremony at the site of the slaughter commemorated 338 victims whose remains had been exhumed from mass graves and identified.

* BELGRADE, Serbia and Montenegro -- One of four Serb generals indicted for alleged war crimes in Kosovo made a defiant television appearance and said that turning him over to the U.N. court in The Hague would be an act of treason. Gen. Vladimir Lazarevic commanded Serb-led troops in the 1999 Kosovo campaign in which nearly 10,000 Kosovo Albanians were killed.

The interview coincided with Serbia's inauguration of its first pro-democracy president since World War II. Boris Tadic, 46, was elected in a June 27 runoff to the largely ceremonial post, defeating a hard-line nationalist ally of former president Slobodan Milosevic. He said that cooperation with the U.N. court remained his republic's top priority.

* PARIS -- Six people attacked a young mother on a suburban Paris train, chopping off her hair and scribbling swastikas on her stomach in what leaders denounced as an example of growing anti-Semitism. As the 23-year-old woman was assaulted Friday, other train passengers watched but did nothing to help her or her infant child, who was knocked out of a stroller. Neither was seriously injured.


* HERAT, Afghanistan -- A bomb exploded on a busy street of Herat, killing five people, injuring 29 and deepening concern over security two days after Afghanistan set a new date for elections. President Hamid Karzai blamed enemies of democracy for the blast, which occurred as U.N. and government officials watched a disarmament parade for militiamen across town. Herat police said they had arrested one suspect.

* SRINAGAR, India -- Suspected Muslim guerrillas sliced off the nose, ears and tongue of a 14-year-old girl in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir, believing her to be an informer for the Indian army, police said. Elsewhere in Kashmir, 16 Muslim rebels and four soldiers were killed in gun battles over the weekend as rebel violence mounted despite peace moves by India and Pakistan.


* JERUSALEM -- An American Jew was denied entry to Israel because she belongs to a pro-Palestinian group, her attorney said, in a rare case of a Jew banned from the Jewish state. Jamie Spector, 32, a social worker from San Francisco and member of the International Solidarity Movement, arrived in Israel Saturday to protest the West Bank barrier Israel is constructing. She has been held in detention since defying an order to leave, said her lawyer, Yael Berda.

-- From News Services