* Sidesteps the question of whether the Iraq war was a mistake, saying "people of good will disagree about whether America should have gone to war."

* Accuses the Bush administration of rushing to war in Iraq without winning adequate international support; says administration exaggerated the connections between al Qaeda and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the evidence that he possessed weapons of mass destruction; accuses the administration of not sending enough troops to Iraq and of not having a plan to "win the peace."

* Suggests party supports maintaining a U.S. military presence in Iraq to prevent it from becoming "a haven for terrorists and a destabilizing force in the Middle East."

* Vows to seek to bring in more foreign troops and resources.


* Reserves the right to preempt unconventional attacks, but says Democrats will emphasize winning international support when confronting those threats.

* Accuses Bush administration of "allowing" Osama bin Laden to escape from a battle during the war in Afghanistan; accuses Bush of having "all but turned away from Afghanistan, allowing it to become again a potential haven for terrorists."

* Calls terrorists with weapons of mass destruction the single-greatest security threat to the United States.

* Vows to crack down on the international flow of "terrorist money," especially that making its way through Saudi Arabia.

* Supports adding 40,000 troops to the military "to sustain our overseas deployments and prevent and prepare for other possible conflicts."


* Vows to place more emphasis on the importance of shutting down North Korea's nuclear weapons development program; supports direct talks with the communist nation to resolve the issue, a proposal the Bush administration has opposed.

* Vows to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

* Vows to increase efforts to secure nuclear weapons and material left over from the former Soviet Union.


* Reaffirms U.S. commitment to Israel and offers support policies pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; supports the creation of a Palestinian state; vows to help "transform" the Palestinian authority by promoting "responsible" leadership; says Jerusalem belongs to Israel and should not be divided.


* Vows to enforce international trade agreements aggressively and to investigate complaints that China has manipulated the value of its currency.



* Would rescind Bush tax cuts for those earning more than $200,000 a year.

* Supports raising minimum wage to $7 an hour from current $5.15.

* Vows to revoke tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas, while reducing taxes on companies creating jobs in the United States.

* Would reverse a Bush administration rule that places new restrictions on who may receive overtime pay.

* Supports restoring budget rules that require Congress to offset spending increases and tax cuts with higher taxes and spending cuts.

* Supports giving president a constitutional "line-item veto" that would allow him to reject provisions of congressional spending bills.


* Vows to extend health care coverage to more children and low-income adults; supports a Kerry proposal to have the government pay for "catastrophic" health care cases; would open the health care system covering Congress to the public.

* Opposes privatizing Social Security; opposes raising the age at which recipients can begin to receive retirement benefits; vows to restore "fiscal responsibility" to the program.

* Opposes privatizing Medicare; says Bush prescription drug program "serves drug companies more than seniors"; vows to lower drug costs.

* Would allow the "safe" reimportation of prescription drugs from foreign countries.

* Would create a "patients' bill of rights" to protect those enrolled in health maintenance organizations.

* Vows to create secure, private electronic medical records for all Americans by 2008.

* Vows to reverse Bush administration's restrictions on government support of stem cell research.


* Accuses Bush administration of shortchanging the Leave No Child Behind Act; vows to provide more resources to school districts; opposes private school vouchers; promises tax credits to help reduce the cost of a college education; vows to eliminate "wasteful subsidies" for student loan lenders.


* Supports extending a 1994 ban on 19 types of semiautomatic assault rifles that is set to expire in September.

* Supports requiring those buying arms at gun shows to undergo a background check.

* Explicitly supports Second Amendment gun rights.


* Supports the USA Patriot Act but proposes unspecified revisions to the law that would "better protect the privacy and liberty that law-abiding Americans cherish."


* Supports offering citizenship to illegal immigrants in the United States who clear background checks.


* Accuses Bush administration of hiding evidence of global warming and of promoting policies that harm the environment; vows to strengthen the Clean Air Act and to reduce mercury, smog and acid rain emissions; does not mention the Kyoto global warming treaty that Bush has rejected; accuses Bush of shortchanging national parks.


* Supports abortion rights.


* Opposes Bush administration efforts to amend Constitution to ban same-sex marriage; says states should decide how to define marriage.


* Vows to give all Americans "access" to high-speed Internet connections.

-- Brian Faler