Prize Steer Wins Fourth Trophy for Huge Horns

Imagine the height of an adult elephant or the height of a basketball goal or, perhaps, the height of one story of any standard office building. Then try to imagine that there is a prize cow with horns almost as long munching on coastal Bermuda grass in Central Texas.

He is a longhorn named Wow, and at 2,010 pounds, a total horn length of 117 inches and a body length of 112 inches, "wow" is almost an understatement. "They're long enough for me to lay down in if I want to" with several feet to spare, said Wow's owner, Joyce Kimble of the Kimble Cattle Co. in Karnes City. The company owns a herd of 145 Texas longhorns, the officially designated large mammal of the Lone Star State.

Wow, a 10-year-old longhorn steer with an unusual gold, gray, black and tan speckled coat, recently won the coveted grand championship prize -- his fourth -- from the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America. He garnered his first grand championship trophy as a "junior" longhorn in 1998. Since then, Wow has won three senior grand trophies. Kimble, who uses Wow in educational seminars when she talks about Christopher Columbus bringing the first longhorns to North America in 1493, anticipates many more competitions and even longer horns for what she calls her "baby."

"Oh, he's still growing," she said. "I don't think they ever quit."

-- Sylvia Moreno

Wow, a prizewinning Texas longhorn steer, lives up to his name.