Authorities Can't Find Pilot

Who Flew Near Bush Ranch

ARLINGTON, Tex. -- Police detained a family after airport authorities mistakenly reported their small plane had violated a no-fly zone near President Bush's Crawford ranch. In the confusion, the pilot they were seeking drove away.

Pilot Del Hinton, his wife, daughter and a friend landed at Arlington Municipal Airport about 2 p.m. Saturday after a trip to a casino in Shreveport, La. As soon as Hinton taxied his six-passenger plane into his hangar, an airport employee told him the Secret Service wanted to question him about flying through Waco, Tex.

Police learned that the small plane suspected of flying through Waco had landed about 10 minutes before Hinton's. Police were working to identify that pilot.

Pregnant Utah Woman

Still Missing After Week

SALT LAKE CITY -- Relatives of a missing pregnant woman said they were clinging to diminishing hopes of finding her alive, and appointed a spokesman after a week of nearly constant media coverage.

"We are all exhausted and we feel we need to concentrate our efforts and our energies on finding Lori," said Thelma Soares, Lori Hacking's mother.

The family had been holding as many as two news conferences a day since Hacking, 27, was reported missing a week ago. Family members have been more reluctant to face reporters since questions arose about the credibility of Hacking's husband, Mark.

Scott Dunaway, a leader in Soares's church and the family's new spokesman, said little had been learned as far as new developments in the investigation.

* SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Illinois lawmakers adopted a $45.5 billion state budget Saturday, 54 days into a record-breaking overtime legislative session and three weeks after the start of the fiscal year. The budget erased a multibillion-dollar deficit, increased spending on education and health care, but provided for across-the-board cuts elsewhere by as much as 4 percent.

* STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. -- A man suspected of killing a police officer as he sat in his patrol car committed suicide as officers raided the Florida home where he was staying, authorities said. Timothy W. Berner, 33, shot himself in the head in Jacksonville, Fla., using the gun he stole from the slain officer, Mark Sawyers, 30, in June, Sterling Heights Police Chief Barnett Jones said.

* LOS ANGELES -- A California man who was detained in Egypt for nearly a week said he was beaten and questioned before authorities released him Thursday without explanation. Abdul Ghafoor Mahboob, a naturalized U.S. citizen who lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Culver City, told the Los Angeles Times he was at the Cairo airport July 16, on his way home after spending the last seven months studying Arabic, when guards stopped him for what they said was a routine security check. Mahboob said the officials handcuffed and blindfolded him, then drove him to a prison. Mahboob said he was questioned about his family, education, work and mosque affiliation in the United States, but not about his political views. Mahboob said that when he asked Egyptian officials why they had detained him, he was told, "We don't know."

-- From News Services