All networks will cover John Edwards's speech during the 10 p.m. hour; introduction by daughter Cate and wife Elizabeth. Earlier in the evening, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) are scheduled to speak in the 7 p.m. hour. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), Al Sharpton, Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson speak from 8 to 9 p.m.; and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is tentatively scheduled for the 9 p.m. hour.

* ABC (Channel 7), CBS (Channel 9) and NBC (Channel 4) offer an hour of coverage at 10 p.m. Locally, Fox-owned WTTG will provide coverage during its 10 p.m. newscast.

* C-SPAN will have gavel-to-gavel coverage beginning at 4 p.m., with a preview of the day's events at 3.

* PBS's "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer," live from 8 to 11 p.m., will feature analysis by Lehrer and senior correspondents Gwen Ifill, Ray Suarez, Margaret Warner and Terence Smith (Channels 22 and 26).

* CNN's coverage is led by Wolf Blitzer and Judy Woodruff throughout the day. At 7 p.m. is "Anderson Cooper 360." From 8 to 11, Blitzer, Woodruff, Aaron Brown, Jeff Greenfield, Larry King and Bill Schneider handle the action.

* MSNBC's "Brokaw in Boston" at 4 p.m. features interviews with key political players. "Hardball With Chris Matthews" expands to two hours beginning at 6, followed by "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" at 8. Matthews returns to anchor coverage at 9.

* Fox News Channel telecasts "Special Report With Brit Hume" at 6, "Fox Report With Shepard Smith" at 7, "The O'Reilly Factor" at 8, "Hannity & Colmes" at 9 and a three-hour "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren" at 10.

* Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," hosted by Jon Stewart, provides its unconventional coverage at 11 p.m.

* The digital news service ABC News Now will offer gavel-to-gavel coverage. Locally, it can be found on WJLA's digital television channel and through cable companies where digital service is offered.