A Spanish judge investigating the Madrid train bombings formally accused a Lebanese man who uses multiple false identities of collaboration with a terrorist group Friday, judicial sources said.

Mahmoud Slimane Aoun, previously identified by a name he used in 1988, Gaby Eid Semaan, was the 25th suspect formally accused in connection with the March 11 attacks on packed morning commuter trains that killed 191 people.

Investigating magistrate Juan del Olmo ordered him held without bail after a hearing.

Investigators say the attacks were carried out by Islamic radicals acting in the name of al Qaeda. The suspects allegedly carried 10 bombs onto four commuter trains.

An Italian court has approved the extradition to Spain of an Egyptian man suspected of planning the bombings, ANSA news agency reported Friday.

Aoun, who was carrying documents identifying him as a 44-year old Portuguese citizen from Mozambique when he was arrested Wednesday, admitted knowing Moroccan-born Abdelila Fouad, accused of collaboration in the attacks.

The two men worked together trafficking hashish, the sources quoted the Lebanese citizen saying.

An opinion poll published Friday found that more than half of those surveyed had little or no confidence that a parliamentary committee set up to investigate the Madrid train bombings would clear up what happened on March 11.

On Thursday, the committee ended a month's hearings, during which current and former ministers and police officers testified. It will reconvene in September.