ABA Condemns Detainees' Treatment

ATLANTA -- The nation's largest lawyers group condemned the government's handling of foreign detainees Monday, over the objections of members who called it a cheap shot at the White House.

The American Bar Association criticized what it called "a widespread pattern of abusive detention methods." Those practices, it said, "feed terrorism by painting the United States as an arrogant nation above the law." The ABA was responding to abuse of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad and concerns about the treatment of about 600 terrorism suspects being held in Cuba.

The Bush administration has aggressively defended the imprisonment, without traditional rights, of those it classifies as enemy combatants. Government officials have said that abuse at overseas prisons has been isolated and that those responsible are being punished.

* SALT LAKE CITY -- Mark Hacking, who allegedly confessed to relatives that he shot his wife, Lori, in the head and threw her body in a trash bin, was charged with first-degree murder. Lori Hacking's body has not been found, despite numerous searches of a landfill.

* DENVER -- Attorneys for the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape launched an attack on Judge Terry Ruckriegle, accusing him of trying to protect himself by imposing an unconstitutional gag order only after their client was "devastated" by some of the NBA star's evidence. In a court motion, John Clune and L. Lin Wood said the gag order threatens their client's reputation and her right to a fair trial of her allegations.

* MIAMI -- Tropical Storm Bonnie, with 45-mph winds, formed in the Gulf of Mexico about 400 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River and was moving northwest at about 12 mph, forecasters said.

* TALLAHASSEE -- Florida prison officials fired a probation officer and three supervisors for allegedly failing to keep custody of the lead figure in the beating and stabbing deaths of six people in Deltona last week. Corrections Secretary James Crosby said the probation officials missed two key opportunities to put Troy Victorino in jail, including one Thursday before the killings that night.

* PHOENIX -- Five illegal immigrants died after running out of water while trekking through a rugged area of southern Arizona's hot, treacherous desert in the state's deadliest border crossing in three years. Two adults and two juveniles survived the journey from Mexico, but windstorms forced authorities to scale back efforts to search for a 10th member of the group who was still missing.

* FORT WORTH -- Trucker Alvin Auxter, 52, was jailed after 79 illegal immigrants were found in the unventilated trailer of his 18-wheeler during a traffic stop. The 53-foot truck was headed from El Paso to Dallas, authorities said.

* BILLINGS, Mont. -- Buses were idled, the library was closed and alternative plans were made for garbage disposal as a strike by 350 city employees moved into its third day. About 40 percent of the city's workforce went on strike early Saturday after union members narrowly rejected the city's three-year contract offer. Union officials said remaining disputes include how long workers must be employed to receive longevity pay and the city's practices concerning seniority and promotions.

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