Calif. Wildfire Destroys

64 Homes, Injures Five

SHASTA LAKE, Calif. -- A wildfire destroyed at least 64 homes in a subdivision and forced hundreds of people to flee, officials said Thursday.

The blaze, started by sparks from a lawn mower, has scorched 3,000 acres, said Kevin Colburn, spokesman for the state Forestry Department. The fire was 40 percent contained, but a shift in wind overnight pushed it southward, he said.

The 64 homes were just south of Lake Shasta and east of Redding, said Jim Sweet, California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention spokesman.

More than 300 people had to evacuate Wednesday, and a shelter was set up at a school. Five people suffered minor injuries.

* TONOPAH, Ariz. -- A blinding dust storm rolled across an interstate highway, causing a string of fiery crashes that killed at least four people and injured 42. Authorities began pulling apart crumpled tractor-trailer rigs in search of other bodies early Thursday. Twelve big rigs, along with a bus and nearly a dozen other vehicles, crashed Wednesday night on Interstate 10, authorities said.

* EDGARTOWN, Mass. -- A red-footed falcon spotted for the first time in North America is enticing birdwatchers to Martha's Vineyard. The slate-gray juvenile male is thousands of miles from its normal summer home in Eastern Europe and winter home in Africa. About 120 people rushed to Katama Airfield in Edgartown on Wednesday to catch a glimpse of the falcon.

-- From News Services