City Lets Schoolchildren

Reopen Lemonade Stand

ST. LOUIS -- Two seventh-graders are back in business after the city's health commissioner apologized because their lemonade stand had been shut down.

Mim Murray, 10, and Marisa Miller-Stockie, 12, have sold lemonade together for three summers, hoping to save enough for laptop computers before school starts.

But on Tuesday, the girls said, a Health Department inspector told them they did not have the proper business licenses and were selling unsafe ice cubes. The girls were using powdered lemonade mix with ice cubes bought from a store.

Man Gets Liver Transplant

After Media Campaign

HOUSTON -- A man's efforts to get a healthy liver through a media campaign, including billboards and a Web site, have succeeded as he underwent successful transplant surgery early Friday with a donated organ.

Todd Krampitz, a 32-year-old newlywed, received a diagnosis of liver cancer in May, and by July his doctors said only a transplant would save his life.

His family decided to mount a media campaign, including two billboards along one of Houston's busiest freeways and a Web site that detailed his plight and raised awareness about organ donation. Krampitz and his wife, Julie, also did national media interviews after word of his efforts spread.

Late Thursday night, a family donated their loved one's liver to Krampitz.

Officials at Methodist Hospital said the surgery, which began late Thursday and concluded early Friday, was successful.

* CHARLOTTE -- A Pakistani man arrested while videotaping the 60-story Bank of America headquarters and other Charlotte skyscrapers will remain in custody after his attorney declined to request bond Friday. Kamran Akhtar, arrested July 20, has been in custody ever since on immigration charges and on charges that he made false statements to officers. U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Horn said a grand jury will convene Aug. 23 to decide whether to indict Akhtar.

* BULAN, Ky. -- An oil and natural gas well exploded in a small eastern Kentucky community, killing three workmen, authorities said. The well exploded into flames Wednesday afternoon with a force that shook nearby homes; investigators were not sure what sparked the blast. Flames and heat from a fire that raged for more than 24 hours may have destroyed any clues to the cause.

* SACRAMENTO -- A state commission approved spending $34 million in state parks money to help acquire 13 miles of land near Hearst Castle that include some of California's last available undeveloped coastal areas. The Wildlife Conservation Board on Thursday approved the spending over objections from some environmental groups, legislators and employees of the California Coastal Commission.

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