Classified Nuclear Data

Missing in New Mexico

Three copies of classified information pertaining to nuclear weapons are unaccounted for at an Energy Department office in Albuquerque, the nuclear security agency announced yesterday, adding another item to an embarrassing list of mishaps that have recently plagued the country's most secretive nuclear facilities.

The latest discovery, at the regional office in New Mexico, was made during an inventory check ordered after computer disks were reported missing at the Los Alamos National Laboratory last month.

Linton F. Brooks, chief of the National Nuclear Security Administration, said in a statement that he was unhappy about the latest discovery. The NNSA is affiliated with the Energy Department and is charged with securing the country's nuclear weapons stockpile.

Since mid-July, the department has been embroiled in investigations at Los Alamos. The lab has been at a virtual standstill since two disks were reported missing and a summer intern suffered an eye injury while working with a laser.

So far, 23 scientists have been suspended as part of the investigation there, and officials now believe poor inventory maintenance may be to blame for the missing disks.

* EAGLE, Colo. -- Defense attorneys argued in a court filing that Kobe Bryant's statements to investigators after the basketball player was accused of rape last summer should be kept secret because it is not yet certain they will be used in his trial. The lawyers opposed a media request to release Bryant's statements and testimony about those statements.

* MIAMI -- Two people who contracted West Nile virus in Georgia may have gotten the deadly infection while undergoing dialysis treatment, U.S. health officials said. The infections, which occurred last year, were suspicious because the two men were treated on the same dialysis machine on the same day, according to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A third person who received dialysis on the same day showed exposure to the virus.

* HOUSTON -- A federal grand jury has indicted a South African woman said to be suspected of terrorist links for nothing more than immigration violations, officials said. Farida Goolam Mahomed Ahmed, 48, was charged with illegal entry into the United States, altering a passport and lying to a federal officer. Ahmed was detained July 19 while boarding a flight from Texas to New York because she had no visa. Her arrest touched off a fury of statements indicating that she could be the vanguard of "terrorists" bent on crossing the U.S. border to wreak havoc. Ahmed will be arraigned Friday. She faces more than 15 years in prison if convicted.

* SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- A California condor chick that was part of an ambitious breeding program was found dead near its nest, the week after another was discovered with a broken wing and 35 bottle caps in its gullet. The dead chick also had trash in its stomach, and the cause of death was unclear, said Mike Wallace, team leader for the California Condor Recovery Program. The bird was one of only five babies among the 101 wild condors in California, Arizona and Baja California. Wallace said the chicks may be eating trash because of an instinct to eat hard objects to help with digestion.

* LITTLE ROCK -- To celebrate Bill Clinton's 58th birthday, a time capsule holding the former president's memoirs was buried at the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas. The stainless-steel capsule will be opened in 100 years. The capsule also contains DVDs, a cell phone and campaign buttons sure to be antiques when it is opened in 2104.

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