A naked man stands in Nashville's country music core. He's all bronze, and he's just plain huge: 40 feet tall and anatomically correct.

The big guy and several neighboring statues were covered by a tarp until the unveiling last October, in the middle of the busy Music Row roundabout, for all to admire.

Lee Thomas Miller, who makes his living coming up with twangy country rhythms, couldn't believe it. Statues of naked guys might be all right in Greece, but Nashville? He just couldn't cotton to it.

"I drove circles around these things crying I am laughing so hard," he said.

So, Miller did what country music guys do: He wrote a song, and it's become a hit on the Internet music scene.

Along the way, he also invented a new genre. He calls it "Hillybilly Porn."

"If it makes you think dirty," the hook line says, "go ahead honk your horn/Oh, the mayor done bought us some hillbilly porn.''

The mayor hasn't been amused. It turns out that private -- anonymous -- donations of $1.1 million paid for the cluster of statues known as "Musica."

But -- pesky facts aside -- Miller is defending his, ahem, artistic take on art: "Call it juvenile if you want, but it was a huge, very detailed naked man."

-- Manuel Roig-Franzia

The $1.1 million display known as "Musica" was unveiled in Nashville in October.