The Army report released yesterday detailed 44 alleged episodes of abusive behavior by military and civilian personnel at Abu Ghraib. Among them:

Sept. 15, 2003: At 2150 hours, unidentified MI [military intelligence] personnel, using the initials CKD, directed the use of isolation and light deprivation on a unidentified detainee. The identification of CKD, the MI personnel, or the detainee could not be determined.

Sept. 16, 2003: MI directed the removal of a detainee's clothing. An MP log indicated a detainee "was stripped down per MI and he is neked (sic) and standing tall in his cell." It does not appear the detainee was stripped at the interrogator's direction, but someone in MI most likely directed it.

Sept. 19, 2003: An interrogation "Tiger Team" consisting of Soldier 16, Soldier 07 and a female civilian contract interpreter conducted a late night/early morning interrogation of a 17-year-old Syrian foreign fighter with the Syrian naked. Soldier 16 used a direct interrogation approach with the incentive of getting back clothing.

Sept. 20, 2003: Two MI soldiers beat and kicked a passive, cuffed detainee suspected of involvement in a mortar attack that day on Abu Ghraib that killed two soldiers. An MP lieutenant intervened to stop the abuse and was told by the MI soldiers, "We are the professionals; we know what we are doing."

Early October 2003: Soldier 19 was conducting an interrogation and ordered a detainee to roll his orange jumpsuit down to his waist, insinuating to the detainee that he would be further stripped if he did not cooperate. Soldier 19's interpreter put up his hand, looked away, said he was not comfortable with the situation, and exited the interrogation booth. Soldier 19 was then forced to stop the interrogation due to lack of language support.

Circa October 2003: Civilian 17, an interpreter from the Titan Corp., observed an MP push a detainee into a wall, lacerating the detainee's chin. Later that evening, the MP took photos of the detainee.

October-December 2003: Detainee 07, considered of potentially high value, was interrogated on Oct. 8, 21 and 29, Nov. 4 and 23 and Dec. 5. He was left naked in his cell for extended periods, cuffed in his cell in stressful positions, left with a bag over his head for extended periods, and denied bedding or blankets. He was beaten with a broom and a chemical light was broken and poured over his body. During this abuse a police stick was used to sodomize Detainee 07 and two female MPs were hitting him, throwing a ball at his penis, and taking photographs.

Oct. 7, 2003: Three MI personnel allegedly took Detainee 29 from her cell to an empty one, where one held her hands behind her back and another forcibly kissed her. She further alleged that she was taken to another cell, where she was shown a naked male detainee and told the same would happen to her if she did not cooperate. She was then taken back to her cell, forced to kneel and raise her arms while a soldier removed her shirt. When she began to cry, her shirt was returned and the soldier cursed at her and said they would be back each night.

Oct. 17, 2003: A photograph was taken depicting a naked detainee chained to his cell door with a hood on his head. Several other photographs taken on 18 October 2003 depict a hooded detainee cuffed to his cell door. Additional photographs on 19 October 2003 depict a detainee cuffed to his bed with underwear on his head.

Oct. 20, 2003: Detainee 03 was allegedly stripped and physically abused for sharpening a toothbrush to make a shank. He claimed the toothbrush was not his. An MP log book entry directed that he be stripped in his cell for six days. He said he was taken to a closed room where he had cold water poured on him and his face was forced into someone's urine. He claimed he was then beaten with a broom and spat upon, and a female soldier stood on his legs and pressed a broom against his anus.

Oct. 25, 2003: Three photographs were taken depicting an MP holding a leash that was wrapped around an unidentified detainee's neck.

Oct. 25, 2003: Detainees 31, 30 and 27 were stripped of their clothing, handcuffed together nude, placed on the ground, and forced to lie on each other and simulate sex while photographs were taken. Six photographs depict this abuse. Results of the CID investigation indicate on several occasions over several days, detainees were assaulted, abused and forced to strip off their clothing and perform indecent acts on each other.

Oct. 27, 2003: Detainee 08 recalled being stripped of his clothing for six days and then given a blanket for three more days. After interrogation, two MPs beat him, hit him with a chair and choked him until he lost consciousness. On other occasions, an MP would throw his food into the toilet and say "go take it and eat it."

November 2003: Detainee 10 was documented in MP records as receiving a 1.5-inch laceration on his chin, the result of his resisting an MP transfer.

Nov. 4, 2003: A CIA detainee, Detainee 28, died in custody in Tier 1B. He was reportedly resisting arrest, and a SEAL Team member butt-stroked him on the side of the head to suppress the threat he posed.

Nov. 4, 2003: Six photographs were taken of Detainee 15, depicting him standing on a box with simulated electrical wires attached to his fingers and a hood over his head.

Nov. 5, 2003: Detainee 09, in a statement given later, said he was stripped naked, beaten and forced to crawl on the floor. He was forced to stand on a box and was hit in his genitals.

Nov. 7 and 8, 2003: Twenty-nine photos were taken depicting seven detainees who were physically abused, placed in a pile and forced to masturbate.

Nov. 16, 2003: Soldier 29 felt a detainee was "arrogant," and when she and her analyst, Soldier 10, "placed him against the wall" the detainee pushed Soldier 10. Soldier 29 warned if he touched Soldier 10 again, she would have him remove his shoes. A bizarre scenario then ensued where Soldier 29 would warn the detainee about touching Soldier 10, the detainee would "touch" Soldier 10, and then had his shirt, blanket, and finally his pants removed. At this point, Soldier 29 terminated the interrogation and walked the semi-naked detainee across the camp. After the incident was reported, the two soldiers were counseled and removed from interrogation duties.

Nov. 18, 2003: A photograph was taken depicting detainee dressed in a shirt or blanket lying on the floor with a banana inserted into his anus. This as well as several others show the same detainee covered in feces, with his hands encased in sandbags, or tied in foam and between two stretchers. These were determined by CID investigation to be self-inflicted incidents. Even so, these incidents constitute abuse; a detainee with a known mental condition, as Detainee 25 did, should not have been provided the banana or photographed.

Nov. 24, 2003: A detained Syrian jihadist shot an MP with a smuggled pistol and was subsequently shot and wounded. Afterward, the first documented incident of abuse with dogs occurred. A Navy dog team entered the prison's "hard site," where interrogations took place, to search for additional weapons. The dogs searched the cells, found no weapons, and the team eventually left. But one dog handler was recalled to a cell on Tier 1B, where Civilians 11 and 16 and an unidentified male in civilian clothes used the dog's barking and lunging to intimidate the detainee. No record of this interrogation exists.

During the interrogations of the Iraqi Police, harsh and unauthorized techniques were employed to include the use of dogs and removal of clothing.

Nov. 26 or 27, 2003: While a civilian contractor from CACI interrogated an Iraqi policeman, an MP at one point put his hand over the policeman's nose, not allowing him to breathe for a few seconds; at another, the MP used a collapsible nightstick to push and possibly twist the policeman's arm, causing pain.

Nov. 29, 2003: Three photographs were taken depicting an unidentified detainee dressed only in his underwear, standing with each foot on a separate box, and bent over at the waist.

Between Dec. 4 and 13, 2003: An MI sergeant found Detainee 06 at the hard site without clothes or blanket, with his wounds bleeding, and with a catheter on but without a bag. She ordered MPs to get the detainee some clothes and went to the medical site to get the doctor on duty. The doctor, who is unidentified, said he knew the detainee had a catheter on without a bag, but he couldn't remove it because the Combat Army Surgical Hospital (CASH) was responsible for it. She asked if he had ever heard of the Geneva Conventions, and the doctor responded, "Fine, Sergeant, you do what you have to do, I am going back to bed."

Dec. 12 or 13, 2003: The jihadist involved in the Nov. 24 shooting incident claimed that upon his return to the hard site, he was subjected to various threats and abuses. While it is likely some soldiers treated Detainee 06 harshly, his accusations are potentially the exaggerations of a man who hated Americans.

Dec. 12, 2003: An MI hold detainee, Detainee 11, was bitten by a dog in the hard site, but at the time he was not undergoing an interrogation and no MI personnel were present. This incident appears to be the result of MP harassment.

Dec. 14 and 15, 2003: Military working dogs were used in an interrogation but were deemed ineffective because the detainee had little to no response to them. A civilian and two soldiers who participated in the interrogation believed they had authority to use the dogs from superior officers, but no documentation was found.

Circa Dec. 15, 2003: Dogs were used in an interrogation of a detainee captured in conjunction with Saddam Hussein on Dec. 13. A soldier orally requested the use of dogs from his colonel and received approval. The dog never hurt anyone and was always muzzled, about five feet away from the detainee.

Circa Dec. 18, 2003: In an apparent MI-directed use of dogs, a photograph depicts a Syrian detainee, Detainee 14, kneeling on the floor with his hands bound behind his back and a military dog handler standing in front of him with his dog a few feet from the detainee's face. The dog is leashed, but not muzzled.

Circa Jan. 3, 2004: Soldier 17 witnessed an MP dog handler allowing his black dog to "go nuts" on two juvenile detainees on Tier 1B, permitting the dog to get within about a foot of the two juveniles. The juveniles were screaming and the smaller one tried to hide behind the bigger one. Afterward, Soldier 17 heard the handler say he had a competition with another handler to see if they could scare detainees to the point that they would defecate.

No date given: Civilian 01, an interpreter, raped a 15- to 18-year-old male detainee, according to Detainee 05, who said he witnessed the incident. The date and participants of this alleged rape could not be confirmed. No other reporting supports the allegation.

No date given: Soldier 25, an interrogator, said she saw a detainee in his underwear on a mattress on the floor of Tier 1A with a dog standing over him.

No date given: Detainees 07 and 05 claimed they were stripped of their clothing and forced to wear women's underwear on their heads. Several photographs include unidentified detainees with underwear on their heads. Such photos show abuse and constitute sexual humiliation of detainees.

No date given: Eleven photographs of two female detainees arrested for suspected prostitution were obtained. Identified in these photographs are two MPs. In some of these photos, a criminal detainee was shown lifting her shirt with both her breasts exposed. There is no evidence to confirm if these acts were consensual or coerced; in either case, sexual exploitation of a person in custody constitutes abuse.

SOURCE: Army report by Gen. Paul J. Kern, Lt. Gen. Anthony R. Jones and Maj. Gen. George R. Fay.

Unidentified U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison appear to be standing over naked detainees, handcuffed to one another, in these undated photos.