Rains in Ohio Destroy Homes;

Two Die on Drenched Road

LISBON, Ohio -- Flood waters after six inches of rain fell rushed through rural northeast Ohio, ripping houses from their foundations and tearing a 65-foot-deep crater into a road Saturday, authorities said.

A couple was killed in a crash on a rain-drenched highway; a man whose house was carried off was found unharmed in a tree, authorities said.

"One minute the creek was rising slowly, and the next minute it was a total disaster," Columbiana County Sheriff David Smith said.

Several homes were pulled off their foundations, forcing about 60 people to seek shelter at a high school in Lisbon, Smith said.

The rushing water left a hole about 65 feet deep and 125 feet wide in a road near Salem, and a car that plunged into the crater landed on its top in a creek. The two people inside the car were not hurt, said highway patrol Lt. William Thompson.

"We're not sure if they were on the road when it washed away or if they drove over the cliff down into the ravine," Thompson said.

The storm also contributed to a traffic collision that killed a couple on the Ohio Turnpike south of Youngstown. David and Laura Martin, both 50, died when their car ran off the road in heavy rain, crossed the median and hit a truck filled with gravel in the oncoming lanes.

* GREENSBURG, Ind. -- A couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary took a different kind of plunge -- from an airplane. As nervous friends and relatives watched, Albert and Esther McDaniel made their first skydiving jump Friday and returned safely to the ground. "I can't say that I was scared at all," said Albert McDaniel, 88. Esther McDaniel, 81, who is legally blind, confessed that she was "weak in the knees."

* KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The owners of a strip club and a company that operates adult bookstores have sued Missouri over a new law banning sexually oriented billboards within a mile of a state highway. The strip club and the bookstore are on Interstate 70, and the owners said the statute violates their constitutional right to free speech.

* TAMPA -- A rookie police officer who mouthed off while picking up his uniform at the cleaners was indicted on a charge of threatening President Bush for allegedly saying he would shoot him and his father if someone gave him the bullets. Joseph Mazagwu, 35, surrendered Friday on charges of threatening the president and lying to investigators. Mazagwu was suspended and could lose his job.

* SAN FRANCISCO -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) will veto legislation that would allow nearly 2 million illegal immigrants who pass criminal background checks to obtain driver's licenses, spokeswoman Margita Thompson said. She said the bill would not prevent would-be terrorists from entering the state and creating new identities.

* HOUSTON -- A 10-year-old boy fatally shot his physician father after the man arrived to pick him up for a weekend visit, authorities said. The man, 41, was struck several times and died en route to a hospital. Police would not discuss the boy's whereabouts or charges.

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