More Bears With Cubs

Found in Yellowstone

JACKSON, Wyo. -- The number of grizzly bears with cubs in the Yellowstone area appears to be rebounding, which could bolster efforts to remove the animals from the endangered species list, according to biologists.

A preliminary tally by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team showed 48 females with cubs, up from last year's count of 38.

In 2002, 52 female grizzlies with cubs were found; in 2001, the count was 42. With such high birth rates in those years, fewer female bears were available to reproduce in 2003, triggering that year's low count. The bears usually reproduce every three years.

The approximately 500 bears in the Yellowstone region are being considered by federal wildlife managers for removal from the endangered species list because their numbers have at least doubled since they were first listed as threatened in 1975. Last year, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming -- along with several federal agencies -- developed a conservation strategy, and public hearings are being held on that plan.

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