A judge dismissed a claim by Paula Jones that New York real estate tycoon Abe Hirschfeld owes her $1 million he had promised if she dropped her lawsuit against President Bill Clinton.

U.S. District Judge Peter Leisure wrote Monday that he concluded Jones agreed not to accept the money from Hirschfeld during her negotiations with Clinton.

In her lawsuit, Jones had claimed that Hirschfeld's public promise of $1 million "was still on the table" even as she settled with Clinton in 1998 for $850,000.

But the judge said documents demonstrated that Jones rejected Hirschfeld's offer.

Hirschfeld offered Jones a $1 million check on Oct. 31, 1998, at a news conference. Later, he seemed to back off from the offer as he attached conditions to the payment.

Jones claimed Clinton made an unwelcome sexual advance in 1991 in a Little Rock hotel room while he was governor of Arkansas and she was a state employee. A federal judge dismissed a previous lawsuit against Clinton.

Since then, Hirschfeld was sentenced to one to three years in prison after he was convicted of second-degree criminal solicitation for offering a bounty to have Stanley Stahl, his real estate partner of 40 years, killed in 1997 over a business dispute.

Stahl died of natural causes in 1999.