388 Guns Seized

From Calif. Man

SAN FRANCISCO -- Los Angeles police seized 388 guns from one man, more than were recovered in the city all last year, a police spokeswoman said Saturday.

Police seized 11 guns Thursday from the car of Wayne Wright, 56, along with another he had illegally sold to an undercover officer. After his arrest, police searched his home in the nearby suburb of Simi Valley and found 376 more firearms.

"Last year, there were 348 firearms seized [in Los Angeles]. This year there have been 411, including the 388 that were seized from Wayne Wright," Officer Sandra Escalante said.

"There were rifles, shotguns, handguns and assault weapons" recovered from Wright's home, Escalante said.

A silencer and thousands of rounds of ammunition, including armor-piercing rounds, were also recovered from Wright's home, Escalante said. Possession of a silencer and armor-piercing bullets are felonies in California, she noted.

Wright is not a licensed gun dealer.

* SIOUX CENTER, Iowa -- More than a thousand pounds of pork processed at a meatpacking plant was recalled because a microchip could be embedded in the meat. The Sioux-Preme Packing Co. recalled 110 pork shoulder butts that came from a research herd that had the chips implanted. The meat was sent to processors in Colorado, Iowa and Mexico, but none of it appeared to have reached consumers, officials said.

* GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Packerland Packing Co. recalled 59,000 pounds of ground beef sold in seven states, including Virginia, that may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The ground beef was sold under: Imperial Beef, Fine Ground, 81/19 G18148FR; PPC's Ground Beef, Fine Ground Sirloin, 95/5 G49548RO; and PPC's Ground Beef, Coarse Ground Sirloin, 95/5 G49540PP.

* CHICAGO -- The sons of two top union officials who were hired as building inspectors were accused of lying on their applications, with one submitting qualifications that showed he started an apprenticeship at age 13. City officials said Friday they will seek $500 fines against Kevin Sexton, 23, and Andy Ryan, 19, who both quit this week after questions were raised about their qualifications for the $49,548-a-year jobs. Building Commissioner Stan Kaderbek denied that politics or nepotism played any role in the hirings, although Carpenters Local 13, where Ryan's father is the secretary-treasurer and Sexton's father is president, is a supporter of Mayor Richard M. Daley.

* DALLAS -- A judge sentenced a man who caused a fatal road rage crash to two jail sentences and a string of restrictions meant to publicly humiliate him after jurors decided only on probation. State District Judge Keith Dean ordered Frank Dorsett to serve two 180-day terms, drive a car with no more than 130 horsepower, carry a photo of the wreckage, take daily medication that will make him sick if he drinks alcohol and put a bumper sticker on his vehicle asking other motorists to call the probation department if he drives recklessly. In June 2003, Dorsett and Jason T. Scott were chasing each other when Scott lost control of his pickup and collided with the vehicle of Rachel Blasingame, 16, who was killed. Scott is awaiting trial.

-- From News Services