Russia Charges Three

In Airliner Bombings

MOSCOW -- Prosecutors charged three people Friday in connection with last month's bombings of two Russian airliners.

The two planes were blown up almost simultaneously Aug. 24, killing 90 people.

Police Capt. Mikhail Artamonov, arrested earlier this month, was charged with negligence that led to fatalities, Interfax said.

Nikolai Korenkov, an airline employee, and Armen Arutyunian, accused of being a ticket scalper, were arrested earlier this month. Both were charged Friday with complicity in terrorism.


* KEVLJANI, Bosnia -- Forensic experts said they had found the remains of 182 people in a mass grave in western Bosnia. They are believed to have been wartime prisoners killed by Bosnian Serb forces, and experts expected to find more.


* GAZA CITY -- Islamic militants killed an Israeli American woman just ahead of Yom Kippur in the first deadly shelling of a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip in the four years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Early Saturday, an Israeli helicopter fired two missiles toward a crowd of Palestinians on the outskirts of a refugee camp, killing a 55-year-old man and wounding five people, all civilians, hospital officials said.


* KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- U.S. troops and helicopter gunships killed five suspected Taliban rebels last Monday, hours after militants attacked Afghan army troops in southern Afghanistan, a provincial governor said.

* TOKYO -- Japanese Crown Princess Masako made a rare appearance in public after months of seclusion as the palace released home videos of her 2-year-old daughter.

Masako, 40, cradled Princess Aiko in her arms as they arrived at a train station in Nasu, north of Tokyo, along with Crown Prince Naruhito, television coverage showed.


* LAGOS, Nigeria -- A gun battle between security forces and Islamic militants fighting to create a Taliban-style state in Nigeria left 29 people dead, most of them Islamic militants, police said.

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