Davy Crockett is coming home to San Antonio -- again. No, not the remains of one of Texas's most mythic heroes. Those are interred at San Fernando Cathedral, northeast of the Alamo.

This is a bronze bust that was installed in Crockett Park, north of downtown San Antonio in 1989. It was stolen in 1990; recovered; reinstalled in 1991; stolen in 1992 and recovered again. It has been gathering dust and deteriorating in a city warehouse for 12 years.

The reinstallation of the Crockett bust is part of a $125,000 city-funded project to rehabilitate the bust and upgrade Crockett Park with new lighting, sidewalks, landscaping and a more secure connection for the sculpture. The concrete base for the bust has been redesigned, and the sculpture will be secured with four anchor bolts instead of one central bolt, said Scott Stover, the city's manager of park projects. The bust also will be placed along one of the park's well-lighted boundaries, instead of in the middle of the park, which is dark overnight.

Fifteen years ago, the dedication of the Crockett bust was celebrated with patriotic music and a historical reenactment with a simulated rifle volley. The second installation was marked with pinatas, balloons, streamers and dueling fiddle and bagpipe players.

The festivities for the third installation haven't been planned, Stover said. But the event will probably be held at the beginning of next year. "I don't think, at this point, it will get stolen again. We hope not," Stover said. "He's come home three times."

-- Sylvia Moreno

A bronze bust of Davy Crockett, twice stolen from a San Antonio park, will go back to the park after sitting in storage for 12 years.