2 Die as Boat Overturns

In Louisiana Swamp

CROWN POINT, La. -- A man and a woman from California died after an airboat carrying 16 tourists overturned in a Louisiana swamp, authorities said Sunday. Three other passengers remained hospitalized.

Daniel Nanna, 31, of Newport Beach, Calif., died just before midnight Saturday, about seven hours after the Louisiana Swamp Tours boat overturned in three feet of water. Tsai Woo died of her injuries Sunday afternoon; her home town in California was not released.

Eleven others were injured when the boat -- a flat-bottomed aluminum craft powered by a big fan at the rear -- flipped in a swamp around Lake Salvador, about 20 miles south of New Orleans. The captain, Curtis Silver of Lafitte, was among eight people treated and released at emergency rooms.

* ALBANY, N.Y. -- More than 800 former inmates at the Rensselaer County Jail who were illegally strip-searched will get $1,000 each in a court settlement. The inmates will share $80,000, and attorneys representing them will get $372,000 to end a class-action lawsuit filed in June 2002. It accused jail guards of conducting blanket strip searches and body cavity examinations on thousands of inmates from mid-1999 to mid-2002.

* CLEVELAND -- The Plain Dealer received an envelope with a Virginia return address Saturday containing suspicious powder and a letter that asserted the powder was snail poison. Chemists said it was onion powder and other seasonings. The letter said similar envelopes were being sent to CNN and other newspapers, and it arrived a day after the Des Moines Register received a package that contained a chemical that might have come from snail poison. The Register said its letter had an Arlington, Va., return address.

* HELENA, Mont. -- The federal government will no longer consider letting companies drill for natural gas along Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, the Bureau of Land Management said Saturday. The Front, which stretches about 100 miles along the eastern crags of the Rockies south of Glacier National Park, is home to grizzly bears, elk, bighorn sheep and other wildlife.

* LOS ANGELES -- California analysts reduced estimates of population growth primarily because of a decline in the birthrate among Hispanics. Demographers project California's population to reach about 51 million by 2040 -- 7 million fewer than they forecast a few years ago, according to new state estimates. Instead of 600,000 new residents a year, officials project that the state will average about 400,000 annually. California has about 36 million residents.

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