Transportation Mix-Up Delays

Delegates to Talks on Darfur Crisis

ABUJA, Nigeria -- The African Union urged a four-day postponement of peace talks over Sudan's Darfur region Thursday after a transport mix-up left delegates stranded across the continent.

Rebels and African Union officials traded blame over who was responsible for failing to airlift rebel negotiators from Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Chad to the talks in the Nigerian capital, which analysts said had little chance of success. A previous round failed last month.


* THE HAGUE -- Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic made an appeal to a U.N. tribunal to let him act as his own attorney at his war crimes trial. He had represented himself until September, when two lawyers were named on grounds he had a heart condition.


* BEIJING -- A Chinese researcher for the New York Times has been formally arrested on suspicion of providing state secrets to foreigners.

A friend has said that Zhao Yan, in detention since Sept. 17, was believed to be under investigation as the possible source of a Sept. 7 Times report about the planned retirement of former president Jiang Zemin as head of China's military. Jiang later left the post.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Security forces arrested a top Taliban commander's deputy for a bomb attack that wounded three U.S. soldiers, and a U.S. soldier died when an Air Force helicopter crashed.

TOKYO -- Rescue workers waded through sludge early Friday to search for victims of mudslides caused by Japan's deadliest typhoon in more than a decade. Typhoon Tokage left 67 dead and 21 missing.


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- Costa Rica detained former president Rafael Angel Calderon on suspicion of corruption.

Last week, ex-president Miguel Angel Rodriguez, former head of the Organization of American States, was put under house arrest in a bribery case.

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