Dream candidates don't come any better than this one. To begin with, he has a great family background: He is the son of God. He can turn water into wine and multiply loaves and fishes. And his name recognition is off the charts. Who hasn't heard of Jesus Christ, after all?

But the question people driving around Lexington, Ky., might be asking this election season is, what ballot will Jesus appear on?

The source of this confusion is the curious political campaign of an incumbent Lexington City Councilman named Jacques Wigginton. Wigginton erected billboards that read "Elect Jesus Christ Savior" next to a box that reads "Jacques Wigginton for Council."

His opponent, Tom Blues, accuses Wigginton of mixing church and state, and of misleading voters into believing that a vote for Wigginton is a vote for Jesus.

"He will often say that he is engaged in a Christian mission; that public office is a Christian mission," Blues said. "From most of the people I've heard from, they are appalled by it."

But Wigginton says Blues is missing the point. The "Elect Jesus" portion of the sign, he said, is part of a campaign to support his Circle of Love program, which promotes faith and community renewal.

"I had made a commitment in my heart that I would work as hard for Jesus's campaign as I work on my own campaign," Wigginton said. "It's not a separation of church and state issue."

-- Manuel Roig-Franzia

A billboard in Lexington, Ky., sponsored by City Council candidate Jacques Wigginton brought accusations of mixing church and state.