6 Thai Protesters Killed

In Clashes With Troops

BANGKOK -- Six Muslim protesters were killed in southern Thailand on Monday in clashes with security forces in the region's worst violence in months, leading the government to impose a night curfew, a regional commander said.

The army's southern commander said more than 1,000 protesters were being detained after the melee outside a police station in Narathiwat, one of three provinces where more than 360 people have been killed in violence since January.

Thai television aired footage of soldiers in full riot gear firing water cannons and tear gas to disperse about 1,500 protesters who had surrounded the police station in the Tak Bai district since Monday morning.

The official Thai News Agency said about 44 people were injured, 14 of them security personnel.

The protesters were demanding the release of six villagers arrested last week and accused of giving government-issued shotguns to militants in the region, home to most of Thailand's minority Muslims.


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