CIA Director Porter J. Goss has selected a 22-year undercover logistics officer nicknamed "Dusty" as executive director, the third-ranking position at the agency.

A public announcement of the choice is being delayed until his name can be "cleared" and made public, a senior administration official said yesterday. "He is undercover at this time but will become public fairly soon," the official said. Because Dusty has had five overseas tours in undercover roles, the agency must "roll back his name" to ensure that those holding embassy positions he once occupied are no longer agency personnel, a former CIA official said.

The executive director manages the day-to-day administrative activities of the $5 billion agency, including personnel and budgeting matters, while the director and deputy director focus on intelligence and clandestine operations.

Described as a logistician, Dusty has served at home and abroad, including work for the counterterrorism center, the directorate of science and technology, and the administrative directorate, officials said. Several retired and active agency officials noted that although he had run offices overseas, Dusty had no experience managing an operation as big as the CIA.

Three retired officials noted that Dusty had maintained a close relationship in recent years with several Republican staff members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence whom Goss, the panel's former chairman, has brought to the agency as his top assistants.

Dusty is also a critic of a controversial new pay-for-performance compensation reform plan that was put together by A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, who served as executive director under former CIA director George J. Tenet.

Goss's initial pick for executive director, Michael V. Kostiw, a former committee staff member, withdrew last month after it was disclosed that he had resigned from the agency under pressure more than 20 years ago. Kostiw was named a special assistant to Goss.