Muslim School Set Ablaze

As Dutch Tensions Flare

THE HAGUE -- Suspected arsonists set an Islamic elementary school on fire Tuesday in the latest in a string of attacks following the killing of a Dutch filmmaker by an alleged Islamic extremist.

Firefighters struggled to extinguish the flames at the burning Bedir school in the southern town of Uden, where someone had scrawled "Theo rest in peace" in the building, in homage to filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Arsonists also attempted to burn down two Protestant churches overnight in Utrecht and Amersfoort, in apparent retaliation for the bombing of a Muslim elementary school in Eindhoven on Monday, police said. Muslim sites have been the target of a half-dozen attacks in the past week.

Tensions have been high in the Netherlands in the week since the murder of Van Gogh, who was shot and stabbed in Amsterdam by an alleged Islamic radical after he released a movie critical of Islam.


* TOKYO -- A Japanese navy aircraft chased an unidentified submarine out of waters near Japan's Okinawa island chain on Wednesday in a rare display of the country's military capability, long constrained by a pacifist constitution.

The P3C patrol plane that spotted the sub near the islands, 1,000 miles southwest of Tokyo, was still tracking the vessel, which had been ordered to surface and show a flag even though it had left Japanese waters, the government said. Several Japanese destroyers had also been dispatched to the area, Kyodo news agency reported.


* DANNENBERG, Germany -- A shipment of nuclear waste arrived Tuesday at a disputed storage site in northern Germany.

Police removed about 400 protesters who staged sit-ins on the two roads to the site in Gorleben, clearing the way for a truck convoy to carry the waste from a rail terminal in the nearby town of Dannenberg. The shipment set off Saturday from a reprocessing plant at La Hague in northwestern France.

* ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia -- Hundreds of protesters ransacked and occupied the regional administration building in a southern Russian province, demanding the resignation of the region's president, whose former son-in-law has been linked to a multiple slaying.

Hundreds of armed riot police were standing guard outside the office of regional President Mustafa Batdyev, a duty officer for the Karachayevo-Cherkessiya regional Interior Ministry said. The protesters got into the building by battering down the doors with metal barriers.

The Americas

* LIMA, Peru -- The Peruvian court retrying the founder of Shining Path, Abimael Guzman, on terrorism charges has banned cameras from future hearings after he and other rebel leaders hijacked coverage of the opening session by shouting communist slogans, their fists raised in a victory salute.

Guzman, 69, who led a fanatical "popular war" to impose communism in the heart of the Andes until his capture in 1992, used his first public appearance in 12 years to make a mockery of Peru's legal system during the hearing on Friday.

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