An engineering and cost study is being conducted to determine whether more than 30 buildings severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan at Pensacola Naval Air Station should be repaired or torn down, including some of its most historic structures:

* Building 1, a massive, Greek Revival brick structure originally built in 1868 as a ship carpenters workshop. It has served for the past 30 years as the base's human resources center.

* Building 191, constructed in the early 1850s as a grocery and restored after being severely damaged by Hurricane Frederic in 1979. It is all that remains of the original town of Warrington, which was moved in the 1930s to make way for base expansion. The Navy used it over the years as a barracks, dispensary, club for black sailors, enlisted club and music training building. It housed the base public affairs office and newspaper when Ivan struck.

* Buildings 73-74, the last two of six seaplane hangars built between 1916 and 1918 to replace tents used during the base's first years.

* Building 52, constructed in 1907, was used as a dispensary in 1915 and later became the base photography school. Since 1996, it has been headquarters for the Marine Aviation Training Support Group.

-- Associated Press