Boy, 11, Charged in Sex

Assault on Another Boy

PHILADELPHIA -- An 11-year-old boy sexually assaulted another boy in a middle-school stairway after chasing the victim from a bathroom, authorities said.

School officials said they will try to determine where employees were at the time of the attack Tuesday morning.

"There should be no circumstances in which children can go anywhere in that school for any length of time unobserved," said Paul G. Vallas, the school district's chief executive. Employees could be fired if a dereliction of duty occurred.

The victim, 12, was treated at a hospital. He will be moved to another school, Vallas said.

The suspect had been cutting class, according to Richard Barth, vice president of Edison Schools Inc., which runs the middle school in north Philadelphia.

Police said the victim was choked and threatened in the bathroom before he ran off. The suspect then chased the boy into the stairway and sexually assaulted him.

The suspect was charged as a juvenile with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

* COLLEGE STATION, Tex. -- A granite-and-bronze memorial was dedicated Thursday in the grassy field at Texas A&M University where a bonfire collapse five years ago killed 12 people. About 50,000 people gathered for the memorial dedication on the anniversary of the tragedy. The 59-foot-high bonfire, a revered A&M tradition before the annual football matchup against the rival University of Texas, consisted of a wedding-cake-like stack of more than 5,000 logs. The logs collapsed early Nov. 18, 1999, as the stack was being assembled.

* INDIO, Calif. -- A teenager was convicted of attempted murder for shooting his pregnant girlfriend at the clinic where she went to get an abortion. Jeffrey Cameron Fitzhenry, 17, was convicted Wednesday. The shooting April 29 left the 16-year-old girl a quadriplegic, and the fetus was declared dead three days afterward.

* SAN FRANCISCO -- A man who purported to offer rare sports cards, including that of baseball legend Mickey Mantle, has been charged with defrauding eBay bidders, federal prosecutors said Thursday. Michael Gouveia, 39, of San Lorenzo, Calif., was charged late Wednesday in San Jose with five counts of mail fraud and wire fraud in offering a 1951 Mickey Mantle rookie card and a 1952 Mickey Mantle card for sale.

* MEMPHIS -- A cafeteria food fight on "meatloaf day" led to the suspension of the entire eighth-grade class at a Memphis school. The students were suspended after refusing to clean up the mess they caused. The cause of the disturbance was not immediately known. No serious injuries were reported.

* BROCKTON, Mass. -- Police are recommending a criminal charge against a World War II veteran who allegedly backed a van over his friend and killed him during a Veterans Day parade. William Hammond, captain of the parade's color guard, was preparing to march with fellow veterans Nov. 11 when he was struck by a van driven by Joseph Davis, 80. Police are seeking a charge of motor vehicle homicide by neglect, which carries a maximum sentence of 21/2 years in jail.

* VERONA, Ky. -- A Greyhound bus rear-ended a tractor-trailer that was pulling back onto a northern Kentucky interstate early Thursday, injuring 21 people, one seriously, authorities said. The crash happened shortly before 5 a.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 71, when the bus -- traveling 65 to 75 mph -- hit the back of the semitrailer as the rig was coming back into traffic after being pulled off to the side.

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