Spanish Judge Jails

10 Al Qaeda Suspects

MADRID -- Ten suspects charged with membership in an al Qaeda cell that allegedly helped prepare the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States have been jailed to prevent them from fleeing Spain ahead of their trial, court officials said Saturday.

The 10, including al-Jazeera reporter Tayssir Alouni, were arrested earlier in the week and jailed Friday after being free on bail for more than a year.

They were among 35 people, including Osama bin Laden, indicted in September 2003 by Judge Baltasar Garzon on charges of belonging to or collaborating with al Qaeda.


* RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Palestinian officials began registering candidates for an election to replace Yasser Arafat and warned that the vote could be delayed if Israel did not halt military activities.

Ammar Dweik, chief election official, said candidates would have 12 days to register to run in the election, scheduled for Jan. 9, 60 days after Arafat's death of an undisclosed illness at a French hospital. The last election was held in 1996.


* LOME, Togo -- A celebration at the gates of Togo's presidential palace turned into a stampede, killing at least 13 people as excited crowds tried to surge onto palace grounds in the capital of the tiny West African nation.

Officials warned that the death toll could climb, as hospitals treated scores of victims.

The celebration was called to mark the easing of 11 years of European Union sanctions against President Gnassingbe Eyadema, Africa's longest-ruling leader.

* STOCKHOLM -- Liberia fears the crisis in neighboring Ivory Coast will drive more refugees into Liberia and suck in Liberian fighters, said the Liberian interim leader, Gyude Bryant.

* DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania -- African leaders signed a U.N.-backed peace framework for the Great Lakes region, but quickly admitted it might be difficult to implement while there was ethnic violence, poverty and political mistrust.


* BEIJING -- A factory worker who helped to organize a strike during China's 1989 pro-democracy protests has been released after nearly 15 years in prison, a U.S.-based prison rights group said. The worker was identified as Chen Gang.

* SEOUL -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has visited a military unit, the country's official KCNA news agency said, a day after the communist state denied reports that Kim's portrait had been removed from some public places. It was the second time this week that the agency reported Kim's inspection tours, after the flap over the portraits set off speculation that Pyongyang might try to reduce the personality cult around its leader as it carries out incremental economic reforms.

* COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- Sri Lanka reactivated the death penalty for murder, rape and drug trafficking after a nearly 30-year dormancy, the government said, a day after a high court judge was murdered in the capital.

* BEIJING -- A plane crashed in northern China on Sunday, and all 53 people on board were confirmed dead.


* LA PAZ, Bolivia -- Strong waters flipped a truck as it tried to cross a shallow river in Bolivia, killing 27 farmers on their way to the market, police said.

The accident occurred Friday evening in Palca, Cochabamba province, more than 200 miles east of La Paz.

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