A Feb. 2 article incorrectly said that the 2004 federal budget deficit was $521 billion. That was a projected figure; the actual 2004 deficit was $412 billion.

Because of a production error, type was omitted from a Feb. 2 Sports article about the previous night's Washington Wizards-Detroit Pistons basketball game. Here is the complete paragraph:

In their first meeting on Dec. 29, the Pistons rallied from a 19-point deficit to defeat the Wizards, 107-105, when Billups sank a jumper just inside the foul line with seven-tenths of a second remaining. Point guard Gilbert Arenas called it his worst loss as a professional, saying he had not felt that poorly since he was in college at Arizona and lost in the NCAA championship game against Duke in 2001.

A Feb. 1 Business graphic reversed the descriptions of the operating territories and networks of SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corp. SBC's business operates more than 52 million access lines serving 13 states. It also operates 5.1 million DSL high-speed Internet lines. AT&T operates in 50 countries and has 26 Internet data centers.

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