A March 9 Metro article incorrectly said that Cardozo Senior High School is in Northeast Washington. It is in Northwest.

A March 9 Metro article incorrectly said that violent crime in Alexandria fell 16 percent last year. Although serious crime, which includes violent crime and property crime, was down 16 percent, the incidence of violent crime increased 8 percent.

A March 9 Style article said that freelance journalist Jason Leopold served time for grand larceny. Leopold spent three days in jail after being charged but did not serve time after his conviction.

A March 9 Sports column referred to Fred Smoot of the Washington Redskins as a "Pro Bowl, ball-hawking cornerback." Smoot was a Pro Bowl alternate and did not play in the game.

A brief review in the March 5 Style section of a concert by singer Steve March Torme misidentified a song he performed. It was "The Folks Who Live on the Hill," not "The Old Folks on the Hill."

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