A March 21 article about a Roman Catholic Church initiative against the death penalty incorrectly quoted Franciscan University professor Scott Hahn as saying, in explaining that the church considers the death penalty justified in certain cases, that the church itself had executed heretics. He did not say the church had executed heretics.

The March 21 In the Loop column incorrectly identified Rep. James P. Moran Jr. of Virginia as a Republican. He is a Democrat.

In some March 20 editions, a Metro article about the arrest of the police chief in Middletown, Va., misidentified the acting chief. The acting police chief is investigator Phil Breeden.

In some March 20 editions, a Metro article about expanding Dominion's nuclear power plant at Lake Anna should not have said that Dominion planned to oppose security recommendations made by the Louisa County Planning Board. Dominion spokesman Richard Zuercher did not specify the company's position.

A March 18 article incorrectly said that 45 Democrats voted to strip Medicaid savings from the Senate's budget resolution. The vote included all of the Senate's 44 Democrats and its one independent, James M. Jeffords (Vt.).

A March 17 Business in Brief item misstated Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s net loss for 2003. The company had a loss of $807 million, not $807 billion. The Washington Post is committed to correcting errors that appear in the newspaper. Those interested in contacting the paper for that purpose can send an e-mail to corrections@washpost.com or call the main number, 202-334-6000, and ask to be connected to the desk involved -- National, Foreign, Metro, Style, Sports, Business or any of the weekly sections. In addition, the ombudsman's number is 202-334-7582.