An April 1 article said Stephen R. Wendel pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and child abuse charges. The Dumfries resident entered Alford pleas, which are not an admission of guilt but rather an understanding that the evidence is enough for a conviction.

A March 31 article on a study outlining defects in the Army's Stryker vehicle erred in describing the study as classified. It was marked "For Official Use Only," a designation the Defense Department uses for material that, although unclassified, may be inappropriate for public release.

A March 31 Sports article on high school softball contained incorrect names for a player and her school. The pitcher who struck out all 21 batters she faced on March 30 is Cristi, not Christi, Ecks, and she attends Osbourn High School, not Osbourne. The article also did not mention the school Osbourn defeated in the game or the score. Osbourn defeated Woodbridge High School, 13-0.

An article in the March 30 baseball special section incorrectly stated the New York Yankees swept the Cincinnati Reds in the 1976 World Series by a combined score of 22-8. The Reds swept the Yankees that year by that score.

A March 27 article incorrectly said that the last time Republicans held the White House and 55 or more Senate seats was during the Calvin Coolidge administration in 1929. It was in 1931 when Hoover was president.