A May 4 Metro article incorrectly stated the age of Noureddine Chtaini, a witness in the trial of six alleged bank robbers. Chtaini is 29, not 31.

A May 3 Metro article incorrectly reported that two incumbents on the Mount Rainier City Council were defeated. One incumbent, Pedro E. Briones, was reelected, while a second, Intisar Haamid, lost to Alta Morton.

A May 2 photograph of an arms cache seized in Saudi Arabia was incorrectly credited to the FBI. It should have been credited to the Associated Press.

Because of erroneous information provided by the U.S. attorney's office, an April 30 item in the Metro in Brief column gave an incorrect age for one of the protesters convicted of breaking into a D.C. homeless shelter. Jamie Loughner is 40, not 20. The Washington Post is committed to correcting errors that appear in the newspaper. Those interested in contacting the paper for that purpose can send an e-mail to corrections@washpost.com or call the main number, 202-334-6000, and ask to be connected to the desk involved -- National, Foreign, Metro, Style, Sports, Business or any of the weekly sections. In addition, the ombudsman's number is 202-334-7582.