In some May 13 editions, a Page One photograph from the previous night's Miami Heat- Washington Wizards basketball game, of Washington's Larry Hughes and Miami's Alonzo Mourning, was incorrectly credited to Toni L. Sandys. The photo was taken by Jonathan Newton.

A May 13 Business graphic incorrectly said that the Central American Free Trade Agreement was made final in December 2003; it was the summer of 2004. Also, concerns about the lack of labor protections should have been attributed to critics of the pact.

The chart of Internet service providers in the Upgrade technology section, published May 13, should have said that Comcast's Internet service includes parental controls. Also in that section, a listing of Cingular Wireless's cell-phone service should said that the minimum deposit for its prepaid offering is $1, should have included only one $39.99 plan (with 450 anytime minutes and 5,000 night and weekend minutes) and should have said that adding a second phone line to Cingular's $69.99 plan costs $9.99. Updated versions of the charts are available on

A May 10 Findings item incorrectly reported the results of a study of prostate cancer treatment. The study found that 9.6 percent of men who underwent surgery had died of prostate cancer within 10 years of the diagnosis, compared with 14.9 percent of men who chose "watchful waiting" to see if the cancer would spread. The mortality rate from all causes within 10 years was 27 percent for the surgery group and 32 percent for the watchful- waiting group.

A May 10 Health article about a study exploring aspirin use and prevention of breast cancer incorrectly labeled hormone receptor positive cancers the most dangerous kind. That description applies to hormone receptor negative breast cancers.

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