In some May 23 editions, a line of type was dropped from a Style article about Vanessa Redgrave. The sentence in question should have read, "At the moment, however, inconspicuousness is the result she's after, and it's another bang-up performance: The lunchtime crowd in a watering hole across the street from the Kennedy Center barely notices her."

A brief review in the May 22 Book World misstated the first name of the author of the novel "The Third Translation." He is Matt Bondurant, not Max Bondurant.

The Names & Faces column in the May 21 Style section incorrectly said that waiters do not have to pay taxes on tips.

A May 20 Metro article said that Jervis S. Finney, counsel to Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., has not interviewed and does not plan to interview Joseph F. Steffen Jr. in an investigation of the former aide's conduct in spreading rumors about Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley. Finney said he has discussed pertinent matters with a lawyer retained by Steffen. Also, the article said that a computer analysis revealed that Steffen exchanged 967 e-mails with Paul E. Schurick, Ehrlich's communications director. The analysis found 967 instances in which Schurick's e-mail address was located in files.

A May 14 chart listing military base closures and realignments in Maryland incorrectly included Fort Lewis. There is no such installation in the state.