Area school system policies on giving credit for effort in high school:


No written policy.


* Charles: No written policy.

* Frederick: Grades should reflect "product quality, independent application of knowledge, skills and processes, progress, participation, announced deadlines."

* Howard: Grades reflect a student's attainment of specific learning objectives and can include participation and "daily work habits in the classroom -- determined by student accuracy, independence and dependability, use of time, attentiveness, and promptness in submitting work."

* Montgomery: Major proposed policy insists that grading emphasize achievement. New recommendation bars any more than 10 percent credit on final grade for homework checked only for completion.

* Prince George's: No written policy.


* Alexandria: "Grades shall reflect a student's progress in meeting the objectives of a course/curriculum through a variety of evaluative measures, such as: text assignments (both oral and written), class participation, special assignments, research, activities of various kinds/types, special contributions, tests/quizzes, homework, portfolios and student products."

* Arlington: Grades reflect student achievement and not student behavior. "Teachers will also indicate an effort grade for reporting purposes: O -- Outstanding, S -- Satisfactory, U -- Unsatisfactory."

* Fairfax: "Grades measure academic performance and are used as a means of reporting achievement relative to POS [program of studies], benchmarks and indicators. They do not measure potential or social performance."

* Falls Church: No written policy.

* Fredericksburg: No written policy.

* Loudoun: "Grades may reflect the relative quality of the work, readiness for future instruction, level of skill mastery, effort and participation, and completion of class work and homework."

* Prince William: "The grading process should include evaluation of homework, classwork, and class participation." The school system also gives separate effort and conduct grades.

* Spotsylvania: No written policy.

* Stafford: No written policy.