-- Former president Bill Clinton said the United States should either "close down or clean up" the prison for foreign terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In an interview with the Financial Times published on Monday, Clinton said U.S. or British troops will be at much greater risk if they have a reputation for abusing people.

"Well, it either needs to be closed down or cleaned up," Clinton said when asked whether the camp in Cuba should close. "It's time that there are no more stories coming out of there about people being abused."

The prison, set up after the United States went to war in Afghanistan in response to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become increasingly controversial in recent months. Some U.S. lawmakers have condemned the way detainees are treated at the prison.

"If we get a reputation for abusing people, it puts our own soldiers much more at risk," Clinton said.

Former detainees have alleged they were abused or tortured at the prison. U.S. authorities have insisted they do not use torture and describe Guantanamo Bay as safe and humane.

The Pentagon has said it holds about 520 men at Guantanamo Bay. Many have been held for more than three years; four have been charged. Most were detained after being taken into custody in Afghanistan.