In a June 20 article about Harvard University business professor Max H. Bazerman, who said he was asked to soften his testimony about recommended penalties for the tobacco industry by a senior Justice Department official, several words were dropped from one sentence. The sentence should have read:

Bazerman said in an interview yesterday that he is coming forward now because of recent reports in The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times that the career trial team had been pressured by senior political appointees at Justice to weaken their case and urged other witnesses to soften their testimony against the industry.

A June 20 Business article about Discovery Communications incorrectly said that the Discovery Channel program "American Chopper" made its debut in 2004 and that the bike shop featured in the show is in California. The show began in 2002, and the bike shop is in New York.

A rendering of the proposed Tower II office building with a June 20 Business article should have been credited to the architecture firm Kishimoto, Gordon, Dalaya PC, not Lisboa Inc.

Crop Life America President Jay Vroom was misquoted in a June 17 article on human pesticide tests. The word "effects" was substituted for "benefits" in the quotation, which should have read: "We think our products have enormous demonstrable benefits. They obviously have some risks."

A June 17 Business article incorrectly said that Advancis Pharmaceutical Corp. received results of recent tests on an antibiotic on June 14. The results were received June 15.

In some June 16 editions, a headline on an article about a House vote on the USA Patriot Act incorrectly said that the measure would halt the FBI's power to seize library records. The House voted only to curtail such power.