Comment Period Opens

On Fishing Guidelines

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration yesterday proposed guidelines aimed at preventing overfishing.

The proposal is designed to guide the local and regional fishery councils that set the rules to prevent overfishing and help rebuild stocks around the country.

The proposal, which will be open to public comment until Aug. 22 before being finalized, drew prompt criticism from conservationists who contend the changes would weaken fish protections.

Among the proposed changes: Fishery councils would end overfishing in the first year of a rebuilding plan; a species' target catch would be set at less than the maximum sustainable yield; the target time to rebuild a fish stock would change; and plans would remain in effect until the stock was rebuilt.

Cubans Bar Kids From

Baseball With Marines

Cuban authorities took baseball bats, balls and gloves away from Cuban youths, including human rights activists, to keep them from playing with U.S. officials in Havana, the State Department said.

When the Americans, who one official said were chiefly Marines who guard the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, tried to use their own equipment to play, the authorities stopped the Cuban youths from entering the field.

"This is a normal and a good thing, I think, to have interactions with locals, to help support democracy and human rights activists," said State Department spokesman Adam Ereli. "The Cuban government didn't think so, however.

"It says a lot about . . . the paranoia and insularity of the regime that it can't tolerate young kids playing baseball with Americans."

Two Brazilians Charged

In Killing of U.S. Nun

A federal grand jury in Washington has indicted two Brazilians, already facing charges at home, in the February killing of Dorothy Stang, an American nun who spent decades trying to save the Amazon rain forest.

Rayfran das Neves Sales, 28, and Clodoaldo Carlos Batista, 30, are charged with conspiracy to murder a U.S. citizen outside the United States, murder and using a firearm in commission of a crime.

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