Kurdish guerrillas set off bombs in eastern Turkey on Saturday, derailing two trains and killing six railway security guards, officials said. The second train was bombed as it was being rushed to help the first.

The attacks came a day after a suicide bomber was shot to death near the Justice Ministry in Ankara. The bomber, a suspected member of the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front, a Marxist group, fled the building when metal detectors went off, and police shot him.

Six railway guards were killed in the first attack Saturday, when a bomb exploded under their car, railway officials said.

The blast sent seven cars flying off the rails in the province of Bingol, 560 miles southeast of Ankara, the Turkish capital, injuring 12 passengers and crew members, some of whom were trapped under the train cars.

The guerrillas derailed the second train by detonating a similarly remote-controlled bomb. Authorities did not say how many people were on the second train or if there were any casualties.

A third bomb, not far from the site of first attack, was found and detonated by Turkish troops who launched an operation to hunt down the rebels in the rugged area.

In another bombing, suspected rebels injured three Turkish police officers in the southeastern town of Kulp, police said. The bomb went off as the police approached to check a suspicious package left in the street.

Kurdish insurgents have increasingly used remote-controlled bombs in stepped-up attacks since the start of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, Turkish officials have said.

Kurdish rebels seeking autonomy ended a five-year unilateral cease-fire last summer in the overwhelmingly Kurdish southeast, saying Turkey had not responded in kind. The clashes have left 37,000 people dead since 1984.

Derailed cars lie beside tracks after two bombings in eastern Turkey. The attacks killed six security guards and hurt 12 passengers and crew members.