Documentary Aired on Israeli, Arab TV Offers Fresh Perspective

JERUSALEM -- Israeli and Arab TV stations on Saturday simultaneously broadcast the first part of a documentary exploring possible solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The program's producer, Search for Common Ground, a Washington-based conflict resolution foundation, hopes that by presenting the dispute in graphic human terms and focusing on the need for territorial compromise by both sides, the series could have a greater impact than previous documentaries, which centered on the conflict's history.

The first two parts of the four-part series, "The Shape of the Future," were aired in Hebrew on Israel's Channel 8 cable channel and in Arabic on the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, the privately-owned MAAN Palestinian channel, and Abu Dhabi satellite TV.


* PRISTINA, Serbia and Montenegro -- At least three blasts rocked the center of Pristina, and one targeted the U.N. mission headquarters. There were no immediate reports of any injuries after at least two near-simultaneous blasts, said Hua Jiang, chief U.N. spokeswoman.

* GENEVA -- A case of polio has been found in Angola, the first discovered in the country in four years, the World Health Organization said. The Angolan Health Ministry contacted WHO last month after a 17-year-old girl developed paralysis in both legs.

* VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican said it hoped to quickly normalize diplomatic relations with Vietnam following a week-long visit to Rome by a Vietnamese delegation.


* MEXICO CITY -- President Vicente Fox led celebrations marking the five-year anniversary of his historic election triumph, but a newspaper poll showed that a majority of Mexicans have seen little improvement since the ouster of the Institutional Revolutionary Party that ruled the country for seven decades.

* ORANJESTAD, Aruba -- Holland is sending three F-16 warplanes rigged with search equipment to find missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway.


* JAMMU, India -- Indian soldiers killed six Islamic militants who had crossed the mountainous frontier into India's portion of Kashmir from Pakistani territory, the army said. Two rebels and one civilian were killed in a separate gun battle.

* BEIJING -- China's CNOOC Ltd. energy company said its request to the U.S. government to review its plan to merge with oil and gas producer Unocal Corp. was voluntary and aimed at clearing up doubts about the deal.


* RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has asked his most formidable rival, the militant Islamic movement Hamas, to join his cabinet ahead of Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip, and the group is considering the offer, officials on both sides said.

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