Here are portions of some exchanges between Democrat Timothy M. Kaine and Republican Jerry W. Kilgore.

Controlling Spending

Kaine: I will veto any tax increase . . . unless the transportation trust fund is locked up. There's no way to tax and pave our way out of the transportation problem.

Kilgore: I will veto any legislation sent to me by the General Assembly that attempts to raise taxes without asking the people first. I trust the people. Always have, always will.

Death Penalty

Kaine: I believe life is sacred. I haven't hesitated to state that I'm against . . . the death penalty. I'm not going to change my religious view to get elected to public office. I will carry out a death sentence handed down by a Virginia jury. And I will not use the clemency powers of the governor other than those that other governors have seen fit to use.

Kilgore: I support the death penalty. Always have, always will. My opponent has a lifetime of activism against the death penalty.


Kaine: When we fought for budget reform in 2004, at the very heart of budget reform were two needs: the need to save the state's bond rating and the need to invest and catch up with unmet obligations in our public schools.

Kilgore: I didn't support the largest tax increase in Virginia history, and I'm proud of not supporting a tax increase. I've been proven right that the tax increase wasn't necessary.