Excerpts from dress code policies for teachers and other school employees:

* "Abundant research exists to indicate that personal appearance has a significant effect upon other people. As public school employees, we are all employed in positions of influence. Our dress, grooming and mannerisms will have an impact upon the way students and parents respond to our leadership." -- Harris County Schools, Georgia.

* "It is important that everyone continue to recognize that school is a more formal experience and the type of apparel worn should reflect that. Teachers are expected to set a good example for students and should not allow themselves to become careless in their grooming and attire." -- Aldine Independent School District, Texas.

* "The professional appearance . . . of staff members not only reinforces their own shared vision of the district and their identity as highly motivated professionals working toward a common mission, but also strengthens their morale, sense of professionalism, dignity and self-worth." -- Colorado Springs District 11.

* "It shall be the policy of the school board to require its employees to dress so that no mode of attire may be considered proper if it distracts from or is disruptive of the positive learning environment of the school." -- Tangipahoa Parish School System, Louisiana.