Metro and other transit agencies offer this security advice for riders:

Prepare: Carry phone numbers of family members and neighbors and make sure they have your contact information. Plan alternate routes now in case a problem occurs on your transit line. Designate a meeting place for you and your family.

In Metro stations: Some of the pylons on the station platforms have emergency call boxes to contact the station manager. In an emergency, electronic signs above the platforms display key information, and the station manager provides instructions over the loudspeakers. Look around to see where all the exits are in the stations you use frequently. Metro Transit Police can be contacted at 202-962-2121.

Security: Metro and other transit lines elevated security measures after the London bombings on July 7. Riders probably will see increased patrolling of the stations, trains and buses. Police will be patrolling with bomb-sniffing dogs, and some officers will carry heavy weapons. Transit personnel and officers also are checking trains and buses before they leave the yards and depots.

Riders: Be observant. Watch what people bring onto trains. Look to make sure they don't leave behind packages or bags. Look for any behavior out of the ordinary on train cars or buses or in the stations. To report such incidents, use the intercoms, call transit police or call 911.