What About the

Pig in the Yard

Down the Street?

"Keep Austin Weird" is the Texas capital's unofficial slogan. So keeping a goat for a pet in a yuppie neighborhood should fit right in. But city officials don't think so.

City officials say Nik, who for the past three years has become something of a tourist attraction outside Joel Munos's house, has to go because an ordinance says livestock cannot live within 50 feet of where people live.

Munos says people enjoy his goat. "They slow down. They smile. They feed my goat. They come by in baby strollers. I know there's a lot of people who love my goat," said Munos, a retired washer and dryer repairman who has lived in South Austin for 30 years.

He points out that the city did not go after the pig that lives in a yard down the street. He's headed to the city council to seek a waiver to keep Nik. His neighbors are with him.

The neighborhood association has posted a petition in front of Munos's house to keep the goat. One sign reads: "Let Nik Stay! We Love Nik! He saved my relationship and my sanity!"

-- Caroline Keating

Joel Munos is fighting City Hall to keep his pet goat, Nik, in a yuppie neighborhood of the Texas capital. Austin says Nik lives too close to human beings.