Tornado Kills 2 People,

Wrecks Many Homes

WRIGHT, Wyo. -- Residents had five minutes warning before a tornado tore into a mobile-home park, killing two people and destroying dozens of homes.

About a dozen people were injured, but only one remained hospitalized on Saturday. Three people who had been listed as missing Friday night were found safe.

The twister touched down Friday afternoon in this coal-mining town of 1,500 people about 100 miles northeast of Casper. It was on the ground an estimated 10 to 15 minutes, destroying 40 to 50 mobile homes and scattering metal siding, furniture and debris throughout the town.

Residents had about five minutes warning, said Jeff Rech, the county's assistant fire chief.

"I talked to one couple and they can remember flying through the air and screaming at each other," said Dianna Riley, nursing supervisor at Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette. "And then they woke up."

* TUCSON -- An 83-year-old woman was hospitalized in fair condition after being stung 400 times by bees.

* CHICAGO -- Board members of the Teachers' Retirement System of Illinois, the state's largest pension fund, with assets of $34 billion, banned money managers from paying "finder's fees" to lobbyists and others who help firms obtain pension work. The board agreed to impose the ban Friday after Carlyle Group Inc. co-founder David M. Rubenstein addressed the board's concerns about a $5 million fee Carlyle had paid to a prominent Republican state lobbyist, Robert Kjellander, who is the new treasurer of the Republican National Committee. The fee amounts to 1 percent of the $500 million the Illinois pension fund has invested with Carlyle since 2002.

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