Mother to Leave Protest

Near President's Ranch

CRAWFORD, Tex. -- The grieving mother who started an antiwar demonstration near President Bush's ranch nearly two weeks ago said Thursday she was leaving because her mother had had a stroke.

Cindy Sheehan told reporters she had just received the phone call and would rush to her 74-year-old mother's side. Her mother lives in the Los Angeles area.

"I'll be back as soon as possible if it's possible," Sheehan said.

Sheehan, of Vacaville, Calif., said the protest off the road leading to Bush's ranch would continue.

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* ATLANTA -- Coretta Scott King suffered a heart attack and a major stroke that has impaired her ability to speak and affected her right side, a doctor said. Charles Wickliffe said the heart attack and stroke were caused by a blood clot from the heart that lodged in an artery in the left side of her brain.

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