Arizona, Mexican Officials

Establish Anti-Crime Plan

NOGALES, Ariz. -- The governors of Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora announced plans to combat border-related crime Friday, saying they were prompted to act in part because their national governments have been slow to help.

Arizona will create a detail of officers to help target vehicle theft -- a crime often linked to transporting of illegal immigrants -- and to gather intelligence to identify people taking large amounts of cash from the United States to Mexico, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) said.

Police in the border-area cities of Nogales, Bisbee and San Luis and in Santa Cruz County will assign dozens more officers to combat vehicle theft, drug trafficking and other border-related crime, Napolitano said.

Sonoran Gov. Eduardo Bours announced the establishment of four checkpoints in Sonora, where officers will try to identify and detain people engaged in smuggling and vehicle theft.

The money Arizona is using comes from $1.5 million authorized under an emergency declaration Napolitano made Monday for four border counties. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) made a similar declaration. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) rejected a call to declare an emergency in California.

Border security is a federal responsibility, but, Napolitano said, "Our federal government has fallen short."

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* ELYRIA, Ohio -- Donald Thomas Sloan, 49, a Canadian who was removed from an Amtrak train for exposing himself and rummaging through other passengers' luggage, was carrying thousands of dollars in cash and gold and identification cards from several countries, authorities said. Sloan was charged with obstructing official business and tampering with records.

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