Conditions Worsen for

Homeless Zimbabweans

LONDON -- Zimbabwe's government cleared out camps for those it made homeless in a so-called urban cleanup campaign, then secretly moved their inhabitants to outskirts of Harare, the capital, that are in even worse conditions, a human rights group said Saturday.

Amnesty International released footage it said had been smuggled out of Zimbabwe that showed people sheltering in an area known as Hopley Farm, under little more than blankets and sheets of plastic and lining up with buckets at a mobile water tank.


* VIENNA -- U.N. nuclear agency tests have concluded that traces of highly enriched uranium on centrifuge parts found in 2003 in Natanz, where Iran has a nuclear plant, were from imported equipment rather than from any enrichment activities by Iran, a senior Western diplomat said. The findings support Iran's claims that the material entered the country with centrifuge parts provided by Pakistan. The diplomat who confirmed the results spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case. The United States has alleged that the material was produced by Tehran and that it was evidence that Iran was experimenting with producing highly enriched uranium, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons.


* DHAKA, Bangladesh -- Scores of Bangladeshis were injured as protesters stormed police barricades during a general strike, called after hundreds of bombings ripped through the country Wednesday. The opposition called the one-day strike, accusing the government of being soft on Islamic militants, who officials said carried out 434 bomb attacks across Bangladesh, killing two people and wounding 100.

* BEIJING -- Russian and Chinese paratroops landed along China's northeastern coast as about 10,000 soldiers from the two countries began the second stage of their historic first joint military exercises, according to news reports. The exercise on the Shandong peninsula, which juts into the Yellow Sea, was meant to simulate landing a joint force to stabilize a country.

The war games mark a new stage in the nations' transformation into economic and political partners, following decades of Cold War tensions.

* LUCKNOW, India -- Mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis spread to new areas of India's most populous state as the death toll from the preventable disease rose to 100 amid a shortage of funds to pay for vaccinations, officials said. At least 28 more children were reported sick in northern Uttar Pradesh state. At least 100 children have died from the disease in the last 10 days, state officials said.


* MADRID -- Mourners surrounded the coffins of 17 Spanish soldiers killed Tuesday in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan at a state funeral attended by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and King Juan Carlos.

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