Armstrong Lobbies Bush

On Bicycle Tour of Ranch

CRAWFORD, Tex. -- Lance Armstrong said he set a one-day record during his bike ride with President Bush -- not for cycling but for lobbying.

During their two-hour ride on Bush's ranch Saturday, Armstrong pushed the president to spend more federal money on cancer research.

"I've never asked someone for so much money before," the seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor told ABC's "This Week" on Sunday.

Armstrong added that the Iraq war, which he opposes, never came up during their 17-mile ride.

"That old boy can go," Armstrong said of the president's cycling ability. "I didn't think he would punish himself that much, but he did."

Ohio House Democrats

Consider Impeaching Taft

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio's House Democrats are considering impeachment proceedings against Republican Gov. Bob Taft, who pleaded no contest last week to four ethics violations.

House Minority Leader Chris Redfern (D) said Democrats had made no decision about whether to seek Taft's ouster -- impeachment would be difficult if not impossible with Republicans controlling both houses of the General Assembly. But he said they had asked the legislature's legal research arm to outline the impeachment process so they understand it when they meet Tuesday to discuss a response.

Taft issued a public apology after entering his plea last week, but he said he would not step down as governor. He was fined $4,000 for failing to report golf outings and other gifts.

Senate President Bill Harris (R) said talk of impeachment is unwarranted: "Unless some other types of charges develop, I don't think there will be an attempt to impeach the governor."

* FORT PAYNE, Ala. -- Gas station owner Husain Caddi, 54, was run over and killed Friday when he tried to stop an SUV driver from leaving without paying for $52 worth of gasoline, police said. The driver, described as in his twenties or thirties, has not been caught.

* MILWAUKEE -- Thomas Drewek, 44, was clinging to a seat cushion when the Lake Express ferry rescued him from Lake Michigan nearly two hours after his powerboat was capsized by a wave almost 20 miles from shore Sunday, the Coast Guard said.

* CAVALIER, N.D. -- A man being served with a protection order shot his way past police, set fire to the courthouse and jail -- then returned as the fires raged and shot Police Chief Ken Wolf, officials said. James Thorlakson, 54, escaped again after wounding Wolf but was injured during gunfights with officers. Thorlakson was arrested, and he and Wolf were in satisfactory condition. Authorities said the fires made the courthouse unusable for Thorlakson's arraignment on attempted murder and arson charges.

-- From News Services