* President Bush declared a state of emergency Saturday and yesterday urged people to heed evacuation orders.

* New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the entire city of 485,000 to evacuate. For the 100,000 residents who have no transportation or could not afford it, the city opened 10 shelters, including the Superdome, and urged people to bring three to five days' worth of supplies, including their own food.

* Tourists unable to reschedule flights out of New Orleans were allowed to remain in some hotels for "vertical evacuation."


* Gov. Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency Saturday, and residents all along the coast headed inland yesterday.


* Some coastal residents evacuated yesterday, and flooding was reported on Dauphin Island.


* Nine people died after Katrina hit the southern tip of Florida on Thursday as a much weaker storm, then headed into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane.

* Floridians on Navarre Beach, Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key were urged to evacuate yesterday.

* About 495,000 customers had no electricity yesterday afternoon.

* Computer modeling estimates pegged the insured wind damage at $600 million to $2 billion.

Gulf of Mexico

* Oil companies shut down a reported 1 million barrels of daily production.

-- Associated Press